Welcome to Forgotten Company

Forgotten Company is a group of mature players who enjoy the camaraderie of playing the Forgotten Hope and Project Reality mod's of BF2.


[FC]T@rget | 07 Aug : 16:02

[FC]T@rget | 05 Aug : 18:11
Some Siege from last night. No Truko so, I got my neighbour Mr.Kaminski to join us.

[FC]T@rget | 05 Aug : 00:12
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege can be gotten through Steam. So can Day of Infamy, Rising Storm 2:Vietnam and of course, Squad.

[FC]MikeMuck | 03 Aug : 22:47
Holy Crap! Who is this Fat Freddie guy?

[FC]Killer_Angel | 03 Aug : 18:32
What game?

FatFreddiesCat | 03 Aug : 17:29
Aright, so what do I need to download to play this game?

[FC]T@rget | 25 Jul : 02:52
Here's a playlist of non-PR games that we've been playing, lately. I can't get PR to work but, I'm trying.

[FC]T@rget | 11 Jul : 04:47
I get the other 2 guys from LPB to join Muck, Guardian and me in some Siege.

[FC]T@rget | 10 Jul : 19:55
The boys on Day of Infamy

[FC]T@rget | 08 Jul : 12:25
Mike, Guardian, Mr.K and me doing some Siege.


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