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[FC]T@rget | 11 Jul : 04:47
I get the other 2 guys from LPB to join Muck, Guardian and me in some Siege.

[FC]T@rget | 10 Jul : 19:55
The boys on Day of Infamy

[FC]T@rget | 08 Jul : 12:25
Mike, Guardian, Mr.K and me doing some Siege.

[FC]T@rget | 24 Jun : 17:34
Here's some alpha footage.

[FC]T@rget | 24 Jun : 17:29
Here's something that might replace FH and FH2.

[FC]MikeMuck | 22 Jun : 18:54
Steam Summer Sale has started

[FC]T@rget | 11 Jun : 18:26
Al Basrah.

[FC]T@rget | 06 Jun : 07:37
Angel and me do some damage.

[FC]T@rget | 05 Jun : 03:50
Squad is starting to get some of that PR feeling.

[FC]T@rget | 26 May : 16:54
Live with Squad Devs Odin and SgtRoss
Streams this week November 7th-13. All times in CT
Friday Noon-8pm Hosting Bulkhead


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Author Post
Sun Aug 21 2016, 07:40PM
Actual image of Freddie

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Karl gave me some very sad news tonight, our dear friend and comrade the unique and undeniably colorful Doggs has pass away. He died Tuesday from a heart attack.
He was one on my oldest and closest online friends and I will miss him dearly.
Gaming online will never be the same again.

Rest in peace my very dear and loyal friend.

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Sun Aug 21 2016, 08:42PM
Not Actual Image of T@rget
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Sorry to hear about Doggs. He was always fun to game with. He had played an evening of pr with Muck, Guardian, and me; just a few months ago.

He won't be able to see the video I'm working on, from that last night he played with us. I chose that round because he was there.
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Tue Aug 23 2016, 08:32PM
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Sorry to hear the sad news about Doggs. It was a surprise when I joined that night and he was on. I'm glad we got to talk again after so long.

I'll miss him cursing me out for 'stealing' his last spot on the servers, a tradition we still carry on.
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Sun Sep 04 2016, 09:10PM
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Very sad to hear about this... Doggs will be missed!

As Guardian and Target mentioned, DoggsofWar showed up online on March 11. He played a couple rounds of PR, and it was like he had never stopped playing. He was right back in the swing of things with his AR.

I only have one screenshot from the middle of one of the rounds, but you can clearly see his 5 kills / 0 deaths.

It was a fun evening. He will be missed.

Link to Scrrenshot (right click to open)

[ Edited Sun Sep 04 2016, 09:11PM ]
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Mon Jan 30 2017, 11:20PM
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Sads news. It's been quite some time since I had played a round of PR with Doggs (and you guys) but I did like playing with him. He made it interesting for sure. Very sad to hear he has passed. Rest in Peace Doggs. -[FC]Corsair
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