Welcome to Forgotten Company

Forgotten Company is a group of mature players who enjoy the camaraderie of playing the Forgotten Hope and Project Reality mod's of BF2.


[FC]T@rget | 13 Jan : 05:54
Last night's Squad rounds. If you have a lot of time to waste.

Al Basrah:
Fool's Road:

[FC]T@rget | 12 Jan : 16:36
This was a good round, for me.

[FC]T@rget | 04 Jan : 11:26
Post Scriptum Developer Walkthrough.

[FC]T@rget | 28 Dec : 10:04

[FC]T@rget | 19 Dec : 08:24
Angel, Truko and me.

[FC]T@rget | 19 Dec : 01:54
Yup. We need a PR tourney style boot-camp.

[FC]Killer_Angel | 18 Dec : 21:04
it's painfully obvious we need to do some basic training in Squad. at least for SL position

[FC]T@rget | 17 Dec : 20:01
I actually squad lead?

[FC]T@rget | 09 Dec : 01:04
Which one is Suction?

[FC]T@rget | 07 Dec : 17:50
The guys with Uplay accounts, be careful. Someone tried to steal mine this morning.

About Forgotten Company

FCForgotten Company is a group of mature players who enjoy the camaraderie of playing together as a organized squad.
Founded in 2003 from a BF1942 clan, [FC] expanded into the Forgotten Hope and more recently Project Reality mod's of BF2, World of Warplanes and World of Tanks

Forgotten Company has opened it's doors to recruitment for all mature Forgotten Hope & Project Reality players who wish to be part of a competitive and organized group and who will take part in matches and scrims arranged through the communities.

Forgotten Company is not a gaming clan, in fact Forgotten Company encourages players who play in regular clans but who's clan does not have a large enough FH or PR following to allow it's players to participate in organized matches to join with Forgotten Company and be part of our unique squad of highly skilled and team orientated players while remaining loyal to their regular clans.

Forgotten Company will be limited to a squad size of 18 active players, this will ensure that all of our members have the opportunity to participate and be part of our regular squad rotation.

Our only requirements are that you are active within our forums and try to participate in any matches and practices that we are able to arrange.
As a mature group of players who have been active in BF for several years we expect a level of maturity, loyalty and camaraderie comparable to the level of excellence we strive to perform at.

We look forward to welcoming you to our squad as a member and friend.

[FC]FatFreddiesCat (Freddie)


Host Name: ioli-85sp.typefrag.com
Port Number: 7720
Password: pm for details




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