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[FC]T@rget | 13 Jan : 05:54
Last night's Squad rounds. If you have a lot of time to waste.

Al Basrah:
Fool's Road:

[FC]T@rget | 12 Jan : 16:36
This was a good round, for me.

[FC]T@rget | 04 Jan : 11:26
Post Scriptum Developer Walkthrough.

[FC]T@rget | 28 Dec : 10:04

[FC]T@rget | 19 Dec : 08:24
Angel, Truko and me.

[FC]T@rget | 19 Dec : 01:54
Yup. We need a PR tourney style boot-camp.

[FC]Killer_Angel | 18 Dec : 21:04
it's painfully obvious we need to do some basic training in Squad. at least for SL position

[FC]T@rget | 17 Dec : 20:01
I actually squad lead?

[FC]T@rget | 09 Dec : 01:04
Which one is Suction?

[FC]T@rget | 07 Dec : 17:50
The guys with Uplay accounts, be careful. Someone tried to steal mine this morning.

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Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam Beta 2 Released

Author: [FC]Karl Hungus ; posted on: Friday 27 April 2012 - 10:01:58

The award winning Project Reality and Black Sand Studio teams are proud to announce the official release of Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam - Beta 2!

Only three weeks after the release of PR:BF2 Vietnam on April 6, we have a patch available for you that will make the addon even more enjoyable!

Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam Updater

If you already have Vietnam installed, you only need to run the updater that was provided with the initial installer. You can find the updater in the PR directory: [bf2-dir]/mods/pr/PRV_Updater.exe. Run it and the updater will do the rest for you.

Please be patient while updating, it may take some time to begin and look to be frozen.

All server admins have been instructed to include "Beta 2" in their server name, so you know which servers are up to date. Joining a server that aren't up to date will result in a crash, so please make sure you are joining up to date servers!

Alternative Downloads
For those that have issues downloading the new Beta 2, we have set up several mirrors that provide a zip-file you have to extract manually. There's a readme.txt inside, make sure to read that.


Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam Installer

If you don't have Vietnam installed yet, please download and run the installer first. Once installed, make sure to run the updater to get you fully up-to-date!

Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam Beta 2 Features

You, the community, have provided us with good feedback that made our job a little easier. Here's a few things we have changed:
  • Updated and improved all maps
  • Added AASv4 routes to Dien Duong
  • Added Insurgency layer to Dien Duong
  • Added more seats and increased armor on the PBR
  • Fixed crash while loading Battle of Ia Drang
  • Fixed tracer rounds to be included on most weapons
  • Fixed M14 to fire at 600rpm, instead of 1200rpm
  • Fixed the Mosin Nagant to deal more damage
  • Fixed NVA grenadier to have 6 magazines and 6 grenades
  • Fixed ZSU-57 to deal more damage
  • And many other little things that make the game more enjoyable!

Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam Beta 2 Server Files
If you currently host a Project Reality game server, you would have received the server files for Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam via the Server Admin Control Panel in the last few hours. If you are interested in hosting a new server, please follow the link below to apply for a server license.

If you are in the market for a new game server to host Project Reality: BF2, look no further than PR's officially endorsed server provider, Alpha Networks. Alpha Networks provide Project Reality: BF2 game servers to the public at highly competitive prices, as well as dedicated servers, and first-class customer support.

In conclusion, we hope that everyone enjoys Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam. Even though it is still in beta, we are confident that everyone can look past the slight amount of bugs that may exist, and have an enjoyable time while fighting in the new environments. Please keep an eye out on the Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam forums for future announcements regarding updates and patches to this beta!

- The Project Reality Team
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