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Forgotten Company is a group of mature players who enjoy the camaraderie of playing the Forgotten Hope and Project Reality mod's of BF2.


[FC]T@rget | 16 Sep : 18:54
Ya, Squad. I can't get PR to work anymore and I'll probably need a major gaming rig change, which I just can't afford so, Squad.

[FC]Rackam | 15 Sep : 21:13
So, Squad, huh?

[FC]T@rget | 15 Sep : 18:23
Squad has a 405MB update...server browser fix.

[FC]T@rget | 11 Sep : 03:50
A few rounds of Squad.

[FC]T@rget | 07 Sep : 21:50
Those are just the game we play now, because I can't get PR to work anymore. We're mostly trying to learn Squad.

FatFreddiesCat | 05 Sep : 10:49
Jeeze, you guys play a lot of games.
You all play these together?

[FC]T@rget | 01 Sep : 20:39
Squad's new animations.

[FC]T@rget | 07 Aug : 16:02

[FC]T@rget | 05 Aug : 18:11
Some Siege from last night. No Truko so, I got my neighbour Mr.Kaminski to join us.

[FC]T@rget | 05 Aug : 00:12
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege can be gotten through Steam. So can Day of Infamy, Rising Storm 2:Vietnam and of course, Squad.

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Welcome back!

Author: FatFreddiesCat ; posted on: Thursday 28 November 2013 - 20:39:08

Sorry it took so long but I think we are back in business.
By chance I had an old database saved so I was able to restore so the data is a year old - but that's not a big deal
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